4.4. E-Commerce test cards

Elecsnet system does not provide special card numbers to pass the test transactions. Instead of it you can use any valid credit card number and specify card verification codes from the list to get the desired result.

Please note that specified credit card numbers and CVV2 codes will work only on sandbox environment and can’t be used on production environment.

Next CVV2 codes can be used on sandbox environment to perform different answers from the system:

  • 123 or 1234 to get an approved transaction;
  • 321 for 3DS gates only, shows 3-D Secure validation form (hint is the correct 3-D Secure password to get approved transaction);
  • 111 for 3DS gates only, immediately approves the transactions without 3-D Secure validation - emulates non-3DS flow for card that does not support 3-D Secure technology;
  • 217 to get the transaction in unknown status (acquirer network problem emulation).
  • 101 to get the transaction in decline status (expired card).
  • 116 to get the transaction in decline status (not sufficient funds).
  • 119 to get the transaction in decline status (Transaction not permitted to cardholder).
  • 209 to get the transaction in decline status (Pick-up, stolen card).
  • other CVV2 codes could be used to get the decline.

You can use following valid card numbers, if you haven`t any or you want to check transactions for different payment systems.

Dinners Club
American Express
enter the beginning of the sequence, and then "i"