3.9. Processing limits

3.9.1. Processing limits

New Hard & soft limits and cumulative processing limits can be found at Tools-Processing limits. This screen contains all previously configured limits.

pic1 processinglimits

Main features:

  • Visualization
  • Flexible settings
  • Multicurrency
  • Alerting by e-mail
  • Warning limits (several thresholds)
  • Stop limit
  • Forecast for daily and monthly limits in the context of one period
  • Trend for daily limits in the context of several days

3.9.2. Setting up a new limit

Set up a new limit by pressing “+Limit”:


New limit can be set up with several parameters:

pic1 processinglimits
  • Manager
  • Transaction type
  • User defined. Can be Total, 3-D Secure, Not 3-D Secure or Payout.
  • Additional criteria:
  • Endpoint. After selecting End point it’s not possible to select Merchant.
  • Merchant. After selecting Merchant it’s not possible to select End point.
  • Gate. After selecting Gate it’s not possible to select Processor.
  • Processor. After selecting Processor it’s not possible to select Gate.
  • Card type
  • Time period:
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly. Date-dependent parameter. Monthly – limits refresh on the first day of every month, Weekly - limits refresh every Monday. Daily - every 00:00.
  • Time shift. Not supported at the moment, will be added later.
  • Calculation:
  • Value to summarize. Can be set by Transaction amount or Transaction count.
  • Currency to sum up. The currency for limit calculation must be specified.
  • Consider currencies (optional field) - transactions in which currencies will be included in limit calculation.
  • Suspend traffic. Just Yes or No. What to do with transactions when limit reached: stop traffic or not.
  • Limit value. Enter total Transaction amount or Transaction count for this limit. Limit doesn’t include settled value, if limit should be 15000 for it to be included value must be 15000.01.

Also, it’s possible to set different alerts for limits by pressing Add alert:

  • Warnings when limit reaches for example 50%, 75%, 90% or 100% with notification by e-mail to address specified in user account;
  • notification by e-mail when traffic is Suspended.

It is possible to add comment for limits by adding text in comment box

comment processinglimits

Comment can be found at Tools-Processing limits page

comment example processinglimits