3.4. Get exchange rate

3.4.1. Get exchange rate flow

For integration purposes use staging environment sandbox.elecsnet.ru instead of production pay.elecsnet.ru. Get exchange rate transactions are initiated through HTTPS POST request by using URL in the following format:

Get exchange rate transaction by ENDPOINTID

The End point ID is an entry point for incoming Merchant’s transactions for single currency integration.

https://pay.elecsnet.ru/paynet/api/v2/get-exchange/ENDPOINTID – for Get exchange rate transaction

Get exchange rate Request

In order to initiate a Get exchange rate transaction Merchant sends an HTTPS POST request with the parameters specified in Get exchange rate Request Parameters Table below

Get exchange rate Request Parameters Mandatory Description
exchange-provider Yes Input your exchange provider
exchange-currency-code-from Yes Input currency code that you need to exchange (for example: USD, EUR, RUB)
exchange-currency-code-to Yes Input currency code that you need to get (for example: USD, EUR, RUB)

Get exchange rate Response

Get exchange rate Response Parameter Description
exchange-low-rate Provider’s buy rate
exchange-high-rate Provider’s sell rate

Get exchange rate Response Example


Postman Collection


Using OAuth

To reproduce your API call, input all of the data from your original request, including the authentication tokens. Don’t forget to set the nonce and timestamp to the values you used. An OAuth signed URL should match regardless of the generating library. If the signatures differ, you know there is a bug in your OAuth signature code.

HTTP method
consumer key
consumer secret
signature method

normalized parameters
signature base string
authorization header