1.3. Buy Now Button integration

1.3.1. Buy Now Button overview

Buy Now Button integration is relevant for merchants who have limited portfolio of products to sell and is the easiest way to integrate with Elecsnet payment gateway. This way of integration doesn’t require any coding, the items and payment form are set up by using Elecsnet web interface.

1.3.2. Buy Now Button setup

To get Buy Now Button to Merchant’s website follow these instructions:

  1. Login to Elecsnet web interface as Manager
  2. Go to Settings -> End points and find the Mechant’s Endpoint
  3. Go to Buy Now Items
  4. Click Add item
  5. Fill in the required fields:

1.3.3. Buy Now Button form fields

Field name Description
Amount The item’s price
Description The item’s description
Redirect url The URL to the page where the customer will be redirected after transaction is completed
  1. To configure the fields to be shown on payment form, click API fields
  2. API fields can be marked Visible and/or Required
  3. Save API fields and preview the payment form

1.3.5. Redirect URL parameters

Upon completion of Buy Now Button process by the Customer he/she is automatically redirected to redirect_url. The redirection is performed as an HTTPS POST request with the parameters specified in the following table.

Redirect Parameter Description
status See Status List for details
orderid Order id assigned to the order by Elecsnet
merchant_order Merchant order id
client_orderid Merchant order id
error_message If status is declined or error this parameter contains the reason for decline or error details
control Checksum used to ensure that it is Elecsnet (and not a fraudster) that initiates the request. This is SHA-1 checksum of the concatenation status + orderid + client_orderid + merchant-control
descriptor Gate descriptor

If Merchant has passed server_callback_url in original Buy Now Button request Elecsnet will call this URL. Merchant may use it for custom processing of the transaction completion, e.g. to collect sales data in Merchant’s database. The parameters sent to this URL are specified in Sale, Return Callback Parameters

1.3.6. Buy Now Buttons with non-card payment tools

To use Buy Now Buttons with non-card payment tools you need a bit more settings. Let’s assume you need to have a Buy Now Button for Qiwi payment system. Then, the following must be taken into account:

  • a Gate must be directly assigned to End-Point (on Edit End-point form)
  • Gate must have External form checkbox checked
  • on the Buy Now Button, payment tool (Qiwi in this case) must be specified
  • additionnally for Qiwi, on the Buy Now Button, destination must be specified
  • End-point API Parameters must be configured so that customer fills all fields specific for payment system on Buy Now Form (so, for Qiwi, the only API Parameter must be phone)